Project Management System

Good collaboration is key for success of design & development projects. For projects outsourced to offshore locations, communication & collaboration with service providers has its own set of challenges. Different time zones, work ethics and tools used for collaborating, all create issues different from onsite or locally outsourced projects. Apart from some data upload system and occasional use of video conferencing tools, companies mostly stick to e-mails & phones to communicate & collaborate in all projects which works for most part but there are issues related to project data management which require separate solutions for resolution. Unlike other service providers, Apstecon has gone ahead & solved these issues upfront so that our clients are in the loop 24x7 and hence always in control of their projects.
With its very own cloud based PMS, Apstecon provides you the easiest method to communicate & collaborate with all actors involved in making your engineering design projects successful. No doubt an occasional phone call and a few e-mails to catch up would be needed every now & then but intermediate BOM management, design control and data management with outsourced design projects gets so much easier as both the project manager & the outsourced design engineer use the same system!

The benefits of Apstecon custom PMS in comparison to collaboration with only e-mail & phone are listed below:
Communication & Collaboration with only E-Mail & Phone
1) BOM control with revision managed spreadsheets. Part modifications very difficult to track
2) Project’s information scattered in e-mail inbox
3) Data & info not available in real time. Status tracking with reports especially for meetings
4) Pricing & financial information may be shared with design engineers & others in e-mail chains
5) No notifications
6) Intermediate BOM revision management difficult for assemblies with many components
7) After final project delivery, full design data or even particular models can only be accessed through company’s own data storage & are not available readily to even Project owners
Communication & Collaboration with Cloud based PMS
1) All modifications for any part since conception can be tracked easily through part numbers
2) All project info available under project name/id
3) Real time Intermediate BOM can be accessed anytime, anywhere by authorised personnel
4) Data sharing only on a need to know basis with design engineers
5) E-mail notifications for action completion
6) Intermediate BOM updated in real time as project advances
7) Full design data available at all times through a secure server which can be accessed by logging into account. Client can set data availability options to limit access to engineers