Apstecon Technologies is a technology services and creation company that is committed to providing highest quality engineering design and development services to every organization that requires such services in order to make great products for their customers. We provide mechanical and architectural engineering design and development services as well as Information Technology and Software Development Solutions to the Engineering Industry.
Apstecon’s services range from simple 2D CAD to complex BIM, Surface Design, Assembly design, interactive 3D animations etc. in Mechanical and Architectural Engineering domains. We have the capability and expertise to serve various industry verticals. Our IT and Software Development teams are constantly trying to eliminate the geographical constraints that lead to wastage of precious time in design phase of products, buildings and other infrastructure. This has led us to develop our own secure cloud based Project Management System (PMS) for management of Mechanical, Architectural and Civil Engineering Design Projects. Our unique offering gives an edge to our clients as they have all project information accessible through intermediate BOM/BOQ anytime, anywhere. We provide software development and customization solutions to Engineering industry in order to make Engineering of products faster and easier. We can provide a wide range of customization solutions to automate various stages of product development. Though Apstecon is in its nascent stages of growth, yet it has a Materials Research Division which is working on material structures and applications as we believe that understanding of material structures and properties; and development of new ones is what is required to create technology for the future. Apstecon is also working on building a network of partners in order to make a wide range of high quality services (to complement its own range of services) accessible to its customers through a single platform without the usual quality and trust issues associated with outsourcing.
Our management team comprises of qualified and experienced professionals who have been involved in solving complex engineering design and development problems during the course of their journey to Apstecon. We combine this experience with the enthusiasm and dedication of young engineers in order to provide innovative yet the most simple and suitable solutions to each and every client. Apstecon’s technical expertise in multiple engineering disciplines; with its commitment to increase client convenience and provide more makes it an ideal partner for organizations requiring engineering services.