Architectural Engineering Services

Building Construction Industry is a sector which requires a lot of people from various engineering disciplines to come together in order to create infrastructure that exceeds or at least fits the customers’ requirements. It is highly competitive and yet a sector that requires constant innovation. Continuous design and project management support on a day to day basis is also required to ensure correctness first time and save time and money.

Architectural services form the base of any modern construction project. Traditionally only 2D drawings constituted architectural inputs but with advanced software the services can range from simple 2D drawings to BIM or even visualization services.

The Architectural services division of Apstecon deals in projects ranging from simple CAD drawings to project management through BIM. We also make Interactive 3D Models and perform other advanced services such as life cycle costing, lighting analysis etc. So, whether you are at design stage, pre-construction/construction/post construction phase, Apstecon has something to offer to its clients at all stages of projects.

At Apstecon, our goal is to provide best in class architectural services at the most competitive prices. With thousands of man hours of design experience gained through teams of experts focusing on different requirements of the construction industry whether simple or complex and who are willing to explore new grounds; Apstecon is there to cater to all your Architectural Service needs.

Apstecon provides below listed Architectural Engineering Services:
3D Services
3D Models can help in better visualization & understanding of the project which help in eliminating problems in early stages of the project. They can also be converted into photorealistic images or walkthroughs that act as great marketing aids.
Our 3D Services include the following:
• 3D Modelling & Animations
• 3D Photorealistic Renderings
• Interactive 3D Models

Photorealistic images or walkthroughs can be used in simply understanding relation between various objects for easy/better construction or for making marketing material for commercial projects. Interactive 3D Models allow you to move into a space by means of virtual reality. 3D visualization saves costs as materials effects can be seen without actual implementation.

Advanced Architectural Services
These include:
• Cost Estimation
• Scheduling & Phasing
• Energy Analysis & Life Cycle Costing
• Lighting Analysis
• BIM Services

2D Services
2D drafting remains a necessary element of traditional drawing. We provide quality 2D drafting services at the best rates in the market. Our 2D Drafting Services include:
• Schematic Drawings
• Presentation Drawings
• Working Drawings
• MEP drawings
• Manufacturing Drawings
• Fabrication Drawings
• Concept Drawings
• Patent drawings
• Shop Drawings
• CAD Digitization
We accept project inputs in many formats: scanned images, hand-drawn sketches, PDF, JPEG etc.