BIM (Building Modelling Information)

BIM process involves creating intelligent 3D-models for communicating project information & simulating the actual building construction process in time & space. Embedded information in the 3D model (e.g. specifications of building equipment & components) is the key which differentiates a BIM model from a conventional model. It creates clarity of design, construction process and reduces cost and time. It allows various project participants to coordinate, forecast and eliminate problems long before they occur, thus reducing financial/time inputs & giving a greater control on work process. As built model helps regulate the life cycle information, maintenance of structure & improves building performance.

With BIM process adoption becoming more & more common, it becomes imperative for installed products’ manufacturers to integrate materials and products with the buildings to match outcomes and results. Revit families (which are reusable 3D models with embedded specifications organized into classes based on visual and specification similarities) are efficient method of preventing rework and embedding model with data. At Apstecon, we customize product models for manufacturers who want their products to be implemented in BIM. This gets your products leverage in the market and increases the chances of them being specified for bigger & better construction projects.

We provide BIM solutions for all kinds of projects & our teams have the capability of providing customized environment meeting the goals of your projects in given deadlines. Some advantages of BIM which we can help you realize in your projects are:

• Eliminates unbudgeted changes
• Reduces material & manpower waste
• Gives accurate quantities to order
• Ongoing saving in Facility Management System
• Visualize the building design in 3D with all specifications and fittings
• Reduction in project time
• Savings in contract value through clash detection
• Avoid const. rework through clash detection