Product Marketing & Other Documentation

Creating engineering design data i.e. creating manufacturing instructions (or construction instructions in case of architecture & civil engineering services) is what Engineering Service Providers (ESP’s) mainly do for their clients. But one closely related area is not focussed upon by them as much as it should be & in many cases, companies have to search for separate providers. Any engineered product requires creation of a lot of technical documentation throughout its development phase & for marketing as well as servicing/maintenance of the products. An ESP is in the best position to create high quality documentation of the product as apart from the client, it knows most about the product.

Apstecon has identified this need & we aid our clients in developing the following documentation:

• Standard operating procedures for assemblies (written as well as animated)
• Marketing brochures with photorealistic renderings of the product
• Drawings & views for support & service manuals
• Product videos and animations for online marketing and demonstrations

3D Photorealistic Renderings, Animations and Videos

3D Models can be converted into photorealistic images which eliminate the need for photographing an actual finished product (which requires finding one skilled photographer) and help in the development of marketing material way before the final manufactured product or building is ready. This greatly helps in marketing products even before they are out into the market. Animations can also be created from 3D models of assemblies which provide a great way to demonstrate working of the product in detail to prospective clients. Once the product is finished or a construction project is ready, videos can be created which allow people to see and know more about the actual product or project.

Apstecon with its high quality rendered images & animations helps clients to develop marketing & sales material as soon as the designs are approved so that our clients can go out and sell even when the project is in its development phase. Apstecon's videos allow our clients to continue their marketing efforts with information and details of the resulting products and projects.