IT Services and Software Developement

Apstecon Technologies provides end to end website, apps & software design & development services which range from ideation, concept design & development to testing & maintenance of final product. We provide IT consulting as per our client’s specifications and market position in order to deliver the most effective and reliable information technology solutions. Apstecon’s IT Department keeps the client in loop throughout the development cycle. This transparent approach of Apstecon where the client is made part of the creative inputs team, helps development of most efficient starting version of products while allowing the client to focus on their core competencies. Our goal at Apstecon is to create products which meet all business objectives of the client, provide them the most visbility, give them the fastest ROI and build the necessary trust required to create a long lasting relationship. Our team of highly skilled and experienced developers is fully trained over the latest technology and is constantly on the lookout for newer knowledge and latest market trends in order to provide consultancy of the highest quality. All developments at Apstecon undergo rigorous testing to ensure that a high performance, user friendly, bug and error free product is delivered to the customer.

Apstecon’s Software Development team currently focusses on development of tools to make engineering design creation & data management easier. Our team of engineers have developed our own cloud based PMS for management of Mechanical, Architectural and Civil Engineering Design Projects. Our unique offering gives an edge to our clients as they have all project information accessible through intermediate BOM/BOQ anytime, anywhere while the design of their products is being worked upon. Apstecon Software Development is currently working on creating more web based solutions like our PMS for engineering services domain in order to make Engineering of products faster and easier. This in itself is proof that our software development team is capable of managing all phases of product life cycle, providing end to end custom software design & development solutions and deliver a thoroughly tested, secure, robust & efficient product ready for seamless integration with existing systems for various industries.

Key benefits of working with Apstecon IT and Software Development division are listed below:

Delivery of Responsive / Fast Loading / Interactive / User friendly / Aesthetically pleasing / Robust / High performance / Secure / Multiple Browser Friendly websites and software products
Proof of concept through UI/UX development ensuring all specifications are included in product to be developed to prevent costly errors and reduce rework time
Transparent coordination throughout application development cycle ensuring timely specification inputs and most efficient products
Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management (SMM) targeted for increased visibility, leads, users, traffic and sales
Extensive testing to provide smoothest, error free experience and reliable maintenance
Robust performance at Reasonable pricing
Framework based as well as custom coding solutions available as per requirements
Front end as well as back end solutions all at one place ensuring seamless integration
Clean coding with comments reducing error removal and version upgrade times and in turn costs
Use of appropriate technologies, languages, tools, coding practices, protocols and frameworks by highly skilled and trained personnel

Apstecon provides IT services in the following domains:

• Website Design & Development
• Mobile App Development
• Inspection & Testing services
• Digital Marketing
• Database Services

Various Services under each domain are listed below:

Website Design & Development
Customised & Responsive Web Design
Content Strategy & Copywriting
Graphic Design
Dynamic Web Development
Back-end Development
Static Web Development
Ecommerce based system development
Cart and Payment Systems
CMS (Content Management System) based Website Design (Wordpress, Drupal, Other frameworks)
Platform based E-Commerce systems (Magento, Opencart, Shopify etc.)
Version Control
Network Encryption (SSL / TLS)
Backups, Security and Recovery
Website Maintenance

Mobile App Development

Inspection & Testing services
Unit testing
Integration testing
User Interface Testing
Performance testing
Security testing
Alpha testing

Digital Marketing
Google Ads / Facebook Ads
Whiteboard Animations
Web Analytics
IT Consulting
Logo Design
Videos for Online advertising
Image management for Online sales platforms & advertising

Database Services
Data Management
Database Designing
Backups, Security and Recovery
Data Mining
Web Scraping