Manufacturing & Sourcing

Apstecon provides its clients with manufacturing support for machined, sheet metal components and sourcing services for components manufactured through other manufacturing methods. We have a separate team focussing on the development of a network of manufacturers & suppliers. Apstecon has chosen to provide manufacturing & sourcing services with design & development services so that customers could get a wider range of services under one roof. The increase in convenience of our clients helps them in turn to focus on their clients & core competencies. We also believe that controlled exploration of newer domains without loss of focus on our primary services would help us learn, improve and grow as an organization.

For manufacturing services, Apstecon is responsible for getting parts manufactured from the highest quality manufacturers. For both manufactured and sourced parts, Apstecon performs necessary quality checks before any parts are delivered to ensure that all standards as per ours & our client’s requirements are followed and high levels of quality are maintained.

Some benefits of Apstecon Manufacturing & Sourcing support:

Manufacturing support with Design & development services means no hassle to find separate suppliers for getting products made
Overseas partner developing manufacturing & sourcing network ensures high quality is maintained
Sourcing support also available as per customer specifications
Assemblies can be supplied in either assembled form or as kits of parts
Highly competitive pricing which means serious cost benefits
You can focus on your clients & your core competencies while our network finds part suppliers & manufacturers for you