Architectural Hardware

Apstecon Technologies has a special focus on design, development and manufacturing of Architectural Hardware in steel, brass, iron, aluminium as well as ceramics and is known especially for its elegant handles, knobs and glass architectural hardware. Our work in both Mechanical and Architectural design services domain over the years helped us in gauging the requirements of the market, its trends and also in acquiring the requisite knowledge to build products that satisfy fit & function as well as aesthetic requirements, both to the highest standards. Further, for all new products, extensive market research into latest trends and ever evolving customer needs is carried out by our Hardware Design & Development division. We have a diversified product portfolio and offer a very wide range of Architectural Hardware for both residential & commercial purposes from our very own range as well as customised products as per client’s specifications and requirements. Apstecon’s forte of Designing products is depicted in the innovative designs present in our range and allows us to take up any new custom product creation from customer concept stage to final product. Our hardware helps designers, architects, builders and developers to provide high quality and reliable finishing touches to every type of construction and infrastructure project.

Apstecon’s hardware provides ease of assembly to the installer and ease of operation with convenience and security to the end user. The availability of hardware in various materials allows specifiers and installers to choose products that complement the architecture and blend exquisitely into all types of construction settings while premium quality and finish provide the necessary aesthetic appearance that keeps the end customer pleased and enchanted.

At Apstecon, we have the capabilities to manufacture high performance products within given timeframes and a sound quality policy enabling rigorous inspection and testing procedures which ensure performance consistency. Our export range of architectural products are of highest quality and durability to ensure longevity and impeccably crafted with elegant and innovative designs to ensure customer satisfaction. This passionate commitment to the highest standards of quality is what sets us apart from the competition and has allowed us to carve a niche market of buyers worldwide making us a prominent manufacturer and exporter of architectural hardware.

Apstecon Architectural Hardware range includes (but is not limited to) below listed items:

• Cabinet handles
• Cabinet pulls
• Cabinet knobs
• Cabinet locks
• Door handles
• Door knobs
• Door knockers
• Door & Window Hinges
• Door Closers/Dampers & Stoppers
• Door Accessories
• Door Locks
• Glass patch fittings
• Glass point fittings
• Glass door locks
• Furniture Castors
• Furniture Legs
• Shower Fittings & Accessories
• Custom fittings as per Customer specifications